Data Mesh Manager is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application.

Users interact with the Data Mesh Manager website to discover data products, manage data contracts, request and approve access, and create and track global policies. Data Mesh Manager sends notifications to users, e.g., when a new data usage agreement was requested.

Data Mesh Manager has an extensive API for automation. A key design principle is that, for security reasons, no connections are established into the customer's network. All connections are initiated by the customer and data is pushed to the Data Mesh Manager or polled for events.


While Data Mesh Manager can be used fully standalone and all data can be updated manually, some automation is recommended.

There are two components that are usually implemented on the customer's side:

  1. A component that pushes static data product information to Data Mesh Manager, e.g., as part as a CI/CD pipeline step.
  2. A component that subscribes to events that triggers further automation in the data platform

Besides, all resources can have links that point the data product user to other software systems, such as a data catalog, documentation, data endpoints, notebooks, or dashboards.