What's new

The release notes of the Data Mesh Manager

What's next


  • Create data products and data contracts as YAML
  • Data Contract Editor now supports more format fields
  • Simplified policies, Markdown editor, support for a computational policies and customization policies.


  • We're currently working on making all relevant events available through the /api/events endpoint.


  • Added description to the Team model in the API. It's a free text field that can be used to describe the team. You can also see and edit it in the UI.


  • Added the option to set a profile picture for a user in their 'My Profile' section. You can set a URL, and it will be shown in the top right corner of the application.
  • Changed the SourceSystem model in the API: renamed the field teamId to owner. It was called owner everywhere, except here. So the API is more uniform now.
  • Changed the DataUsageAgreement model in the API: moved the field info.id to top-level id. It was top-level everywhere, except here. So the API is more uniform now.
  • Changed the DataUsageAgreement model in the API: made the field info.purpose a required field. It was required in the UI, but not in the API. So the API is more aligned with the UI now.
  • Changed the Team model in the API: made the field type a required field. It was required in the UI, but not in the API. So the API is more aligned with the UI now.
  • Added the Definitions. It is a new central concept of the Data Mesh Manager, that helps in defining business concepts and reusable fields so data contracts can reference them.
  • Added the info.active field in the DataUsageAgreement model in the API. It's read-only, but you can now observe whether a data usage agreement is active or not by accessing a data usage agreement via the API.


  • Added the server section to output ports for detailed connection settings and specific location to the data set.
  • Deprecated the location field in the output port


  • Added a details view for the input port that links a data product with a source system. The corresponding edge in the graph is now also clickable and opens the details view.


  • Added a warning when requesting access for PII data in the request access form, and also show whether an output port has PII data in the usage agreement details view. The reason for this is that PII data requires special care in formulating the purpose for a usage agreement by a potential data consumer, and special care in deciding on approval by the data provider.


  • Changed the high level menu by moving 'Teams' into the second-level navigation within the 'Data Products' tab.
  • Added button to create an example data product when no data products exist yet.
  • Added preview for definitions (only in demo environment)


  • Added logical data model for data contracts


  • Added permissions


  • Added the "My Tasks" view that shows open tasks, e.g., access requests.
  • Added missing "Cancel" buttons in the forms
  • Fixed an issue where the ID input field was automatically modified when only editing the name of a data product, output port, source system, or data contract.
  • Added "Delete" button for output ports.


  • Added ACL according to our roles & permission concept.
  • Added option to disable the meetings feature via a feature flag (contact support if you need this for your organization)


  • Added event TeamCreatedEvent
  • Added event TeamUpdatedEvent
  • Added event TeamDeletedEvent


  • Added the number of total consumers within the metrics section in the data product detail view, in addition to the number of direct consumers.


  • Added the ability to hover over a data product or output port in the data mesh map and highlight the lineage by reducing the opacity for all other data products and data usage agreements.


  • Added the ability to disable cost tracking at data products for an organization (contact support if you need this for your organization)
  • Changed the web UI for data contracts


  • Changed how to connect a data contract (interface) to an output port (implementation). This now only works from the output port / implementation side.
  • Fixed a bug where the schema in a data contract was ignored during a save and not updated.


  • Fixed a bug where a data contract that refers to a data product and a specific output port was not connected to that output port within the data product.


  • Added the existing events DataUsageAgreementRequestedEvent, DataUsageAgreementApprovedEvent, DataUsageAgreementRejectedEvent,and DataUsageAgreementCanceledEvent to the API documentation.
  • Added event SourceSystemCreatedEvent
  • Added event SourceSystemUpdatedEvent
  • Added event SourceSystemDeletedEvent
  • Added event DataUsageAgreementCreatedEvent
  • Added event DataUsageAgreementUpdatedEvent
  • Added event DataUsageAgreementDeletedEvent
  • Added event DataProductCreatedEvent
  • Added event DataProductUpdatedEvent
  • Added event DataProductDeletedEvent
  • Added event DataContractCreatedEvent
  • Added event DataContractUpdatedEvent
  • Added event DataContractDeletedEvent