Kafka Integration

Integrate Data Mesh Manager APIs with Kafka.

HTTP Source Connector for Confluent Cloud

The events endpoint can easily be integrated with the HTTP Source Connector for Confluent Cloud, an official managed Kafka connector, available on the Confluent Cloud. The connector forwards all Data Mesh Manager events to a defined Kafka topic.

Use these events in Kafka to trigger further processes in your data platform, such as granting permissions, provisioning resources or notifications.

In Confluent search for the connector plugin HTTP Source:


Configure the connector with these settings:

HTTP(S) URLhttps://api.datamesh-manager.com/api/events
Endpoint Authentication Typenone
SSL Enabledtrue(no further keystore settings required)
Topic Name Patterndatameshmanager.eventsor any other topic name that matches your conventions
HTTP Request MethodGET
Select output record value formatJSON
HTTP Request Headersx-api-key: your-secret-api-keySee details for API Key generation
HTTP Request ParameterslastEventId=${offset}
HTTP Request Body(empty)
HTTP Initial Offset(empty)
HTTP Response Data JSON Pointer(empty)
HTTP Offset JSON Pointer/id
Request Interval (ms)15000

The settings should now look like this: